Constantine Venetopoulos



Born in Athens Greece in 1980 -3rd generation in a lineage of ship builders- Constantine Venetopoulos graduated from London’s CASS Business School with a Master’s Degree in Marketing, embracing his family's cruise line heritage. Following his Greek military service obligation, he relocated to New York to help run the US division of the family business. 

He wrote poetry from an early age, ultimately leading to two novels 'Stolen Eve' (2005) and ‘The Aging Sin' (2010) studying film at every given opportunity; first at New York Film Academy, followed by Columbia University where he audited classes while consulting for the School of the Arts. He has since collaborated with renowned artists such as Luciana Paris (prima ballerina of the American Ballet Theatre), award winning cinematographer Sean Price Williams, and Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård among others. His films have premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, San Diego Film Festival, Athens Film Festival, the Museum of Moving Image, and multiple art galleries. Constantine had his directorial feature film debut in 2019 with ‘Man in the Attic’, a film produced by Frida Torresblanco, one of the creators of Pan’s Labyrinth.  

He has been a volunteer of the Trevor Project - the leading suicide prevention line for LGBTQ youth - since 2010. His most recent work ‘Draw with Me' - a film documenting the coming out journey of a youth in transition created in partnership with 'The Trevor Project' -the leading suicide prevention line for LGBTQ youth- made history screening at the United Nations, commemorating 50 years from the Stonewall riots. The film was immediately announced as the first of series of educational films focused on the evolution of gender, presented by the NYC Department of Education to schools world-wide, and deployed as a resource for diversity by organizations such as Esteé Lauder and JP Morgan. 

He is the founder of ‘Kuntaur Film Festival’, a children’s film festival in the remote village of Kuntaur in West Africa lacking access to electricity, sharing the cinema experience with the youth by deploying mobile generators. The Lamin Koto Super-School prototype was further developed. 2020 marked a milestone for the school when a mass scale photo posting was installed in collaboration with French artist JR’s INSIDE OUT social impact platform. Constantine was named President of the Variety Cares foundation, the non-profit organization stemming from the family business. He was recognized by JR as the face of Greece during an PHAIDON educational publication, and is a speaker at Ted Talk. 

Constantine Venetopoulos has been an author, filmmaker, and advocate for human rights since 2010 is fluent in German, English, and Greek and his plans for the future involve further narrowing the gap between social impact initiatives & film, as well as learning how to sail.